Monday, March 1, 2010

Romantic Jewelry

I find the world 'jewelry" to be romantic in itself. Try pronouncing it out loud. Now try again, this time without rushing over the second syllable and letting your distinctive accent escape your lips undeterred. What do you think?

Can jewelry be romantic? What sets romantic jewelry apart from the rest of the jingling, twinkling,sparkling baubles in your treasure chest?

At Lenora Dame, romantic jewelry is feminine and ladylike, channeling a lady's past, invoking a wardrobe of lace and brocade through cameos and filigree, crystals and pearls.

Their bracelet collection has some truly wrist-worthy pieces


Their earrings are romantic and often whimsically so, especially these with the key motif. I see the key as a playful implication of the key to one's heart.

Variety is the spice of life-and romance,
as seen in the carious shades of these shimmering pearls

Petit Rococo takes on a slightly different approach to romantic jewelry, invoking bohemian style in the earrings..


Invoking girlish innocence in this necklace..

And rescaling Victorian metal worked charms with this braclet

I have noticed that most romantic jewelry is characterized by charms although the origins of charms are not quite as romantic. It is believed that the earring of charms originated in the Neolothic period, when our ancestors found off looking and perhaps charming items on their forages. Charms ere carried to ward off evil and other negative spirits as well as to foster positive ones. In ancient Egypt, additional purposes were attributed to charms (luck, identification,faith symbols) all which I suspect rested on the backbone of the beautiful designs carved into and of gold, silver and bronze.

Since ancient Egypt, charms have adorned by both sexes, going in and out of fashion during the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, and most famously in the 20th century hen Queen Victoria revived their style.Today, charm bracelets, earrings and necklaces are back in favor and are often used as fashion statements as well as markers of important stories in our lives.

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